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Psent the night in a hotell in salem on thursday night. hannah had…

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Psent the night in a hotell in salem on thursday night. hannah had fun with that. tina got into salem on friday and picked us up. and we spent friday and saterday at Jakes house.   it was intresting watching hannah interact with jake. she loved calling him dad and actually asked him if he wanted her back. jake, for his part was really good with her. i hope it can continue hannah needs a male figure in her life thats actually going to be a round. Jakes wife desi is so sweet and nice and i love her to peices. shes pregnant and has the cutest little belly. 

the drive to woyoming was LONG but alright. the kids were good and so were the dogs and loki. its very beautifull here, in a high desert sort of way. ill post some pictures later

oh, and me madre is in jail AGAIN ...*sigh* all i know is that she has a theft charge and something about phone harassment. my aunt barbra says that she should be put in a psych ward. and i agree. but i doubt its going to happen. 

later :)
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On August 12th, 2008 02:29 am (UTC), demonspawnmom commented:
Wyoming? What part?

Sorry to hear about your mother; is there any way she can get the help she needs?
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On August 12th, 2008 02:41 pm (UTC), tizznara replied:
Rcok Springs is the name of the town.

Im not sure if she can or not, it will proably be hard. i know that there are many people on the steets who are obviousley crazy. people who dont have meds or a place to live. it will definatlly be a challenge to prove to t judge or someone that she needs to be givent more help than she is receiving right now.

dont you live somewhere in this part of the country?
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