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My Crazy Boring Life

I regect your reality, and substitute my own...

19 September 1982
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hmm, lets see. my name is tara and im a stay at home mom of 3, things i do include: studying and learing all i can about diffirent pagan traditions, dreaming about building my own cob house .i just need the land on wich to build it, if only i could get 20-25 acres out in the country..., playing with clay, dreamin up interior design ideas, studying about the medicinal use of herbs, daydreaming about winning the lottery and daydreaming about having super powers ;)

hmm, daydreamer much?

the things i want to do but dont have the time/space/equipment/money for are : making my own herbal medicine, having an alpaca farm, living in a self sufficent community with a few other familys(thats where the 20-25 acres come in), sewing,going to college for photography, among other things :)

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