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I really am an idiot

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I LOVE to swim, sometimes its like i really am an otter. except for a few diffrences. i dont have anything to keep water from going up my nose. 

and i dont have fur, you know what fur is good for? ... it keeps you warm. 

and it keeps you protected from the SUN.

OMG ! i have the worst sunburn ive EVER had in my life. to me, i guess that dosent sound like much because ive never really HAD a bad sunburn. ive always been one of those people who would burn but it wouldent hurt and the next day it was a tan. 

i was in the pool yesterday for like 5 or 6 hours. i put sun block on the kids, and they only got a little pink. 

i was thinking, i wont put any block on me.. i need to get a little bit of sun, after all its not even hot its just warm. 

so last night i wanted to go to the hospital. its hurts SOOOO bad, and i fealt like i was gonna puke and i couldent stop shaking and shivering. i just never found someone to take me. 

so now this morning i wake up thirsty (been drinking from a water bottle all night) and as i move my skin feals like dry parchment. ... nasty. 

and guess what im developing ... 


these odd half moon shaped ones on each tit, along the burn line. and very odd wavey lines on my back. 

so i got a spray bottle and cleaned it out and put some water and tea tree oil in it and sprayed myself down. feals a bit better. i hope that can keep me from getting an infection.

how im i to sleep? front , back and each arm/ shoulder are raw. 

so far ive been doing it verry carefuly, not moving at all. im glad these couches are soft. 

Oh, and shawn hasent come home yet.. im pritty sure anyway because his puppy isint in its kennel. this is weird. i hope he is ok. ... 

im going to down some more water, spray some more goodness and try to go back to sleep. 

night .... er, morning. 

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On June 15th, 2008 12:31 pm (UTC), demonspawnmom commented:
Put vinegar on the burns; wait an hour, shower. It takes the sting out of the burns. The only hazard is that you might smell like a pickle.
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On June 15th, 2008 10:37 pm (UTC), kliomuse commented:
Yeah, the vinegar is good! And ususally, once it's dry, you don't really smell it. Other things that can help sooth burns, though not the blisters, is Noxzema. Just get a little on your fingers and gently rub it in, don't rinse it off. That will certainly leave you smelly, though :)

And plese be careful and take care of yourself!! Drink more water :)
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