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Voice Post: Tara's kid is morbid!! ;P

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515K 2:47
“Alannah: My dream was about.. pirates! And a parrot.. (something.) And then pirates found it. Then they put it in some cages. And then! Mommy cut it apart for us. And then I sat out. And then (a lot of phone going blank sorry.) And then we listened to pirates. Then we found them! Then we cut their heads off. Because there was plenty of us. And then we cutted the body apart and then we cooked eat them. And then we had to take the bones out. Then we got all of the bones out, and then we ate them! And then we squashed the eyeballs out. And then we squashed the blood out. And then we ate them! Can I tell you my dream!!!”

Transcribed by: karinablack
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