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alright, nothing fun and nothing horrible. i got calls from my dad and my aunt barbra. and the kids wraped things up in paper and gave me presents:P  at one point Alanna was throwing a fit and when she wouldent stop i asked her if she had a bad day and she started crying all over again, freaking out because i didnt get a cake :P i think she was more mad that she didnt get any ;)
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Im usually a pritty easy going person, i dont usually stress out, my blood pressure stays pritty low.  the concept of a panic attack if pritty foreign. Rign now though i just want to cry.  My babysitter flaked out on me, im facing the real possibility of looking this apartment if i cant find a roomie.  Im so happy wit that fact that im in school finally. wich makes it thats much worse that thises things that are now working out will signifigantly hinder my ability to keep going. and i CANT stop going. i just cant.


once upon a time i had friends and family. i had to move away from my best friend in the whole world. my parents are gone for one reason or another. my brother chris, my rock. is dead now. his birthday was yesterday.  my relationship deterioated to the point where we couldent stand eachother. and i made the chioce to leave that situation even though it meant leaving the only stable, extended family situation ive ever had. jeffs family say they stiil love me. but there is a change and its to be expected. before i moved out, for about 2 or 3 years i was so depressed and i didnt even know it. part of it was the state of our relationship and part of it was not having my narcolepsy medication and fealing worthless.  those things have been remidied and i feal so much better for it.  up untill  a few days ago anyway.

I dont regret my decision to say enough is enough.  i just wish i had some support thru what has been the hardest time in my life. im not depressed like i was anymore. right now though im incredibly sad, lonely and scared.  for a few months it seemd like everything was working out. now it seems like everything ive achived is balancing on the edge of a clif. and im terified.

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I would really appreciate if all of you guys that live in Portland could re-post this so your Portland friends can see. maybe someone can offer me what im looking for.


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Its soo nice to be back home 
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Psent the night in a hotell in salem on thursday night. hannah had fun with that. tina got into salem on friday and picked us up. and we spent friday and saterday at Jakes house.   it was intresting watching hannah interact with jake. she loved calling him dad and actually asked him if he wanted her back. jake, for his part was really good with her. i hope it can continue hannah needs a male figure in her life thats actually going to be a round. Jakes wife desi is so sweet and nice and i love her to peices. shes pregnant and has the cutest little belly. 

the drive to woyoming was LONG but alright. the kids were good and so were the dogs and loki. its very beautifull here, in a high desert sort of way. ill post some pictures later

oh, and me madre is in jail AGAIN ...*sigh* all i know is that she has a theft charge and something about phone harassment. my aunt barbra says that she should be put in a psych ward. and i agree. but i doubt its going to happen. 

later :)
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    freinds (if you know my family, you understand:P )

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    bbw :P

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    2 sisters and 2 brothers, dont know excatally how old my half sisters are, something 30 and 40, my older brother would have been 34 this sept. my little bro will be 23

    042. What do you wear to bed?


    043. How old were you when you first had Sex?


    044. Do you beleive in ghosts?


    045. Do you have your own pc?


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a link to a "slide show about alzimers and the brain, at the end you can sign up to be a "champion" to help raise awareness. pass it on.


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I LOVE to swim, sometimes its like i really am an otter. except for a few diffrences. i dont have anything to keep water from going up my nose. 

and i dont have fur, you know what fur is good for? ... it keeps you warm. 

and it keeps you protected from the SUN.

OMG ! i have the worst sunburn ive EVER had in my life. to me, i guess that dosent sound like much because ive never really HAD a bad sunburn. ive always been one of those people who would burn but it wouldent hurt and the next day it was a tan. 

i was in the pool yesterday for like 5 or 6 hours. i put sun block on the kids, and they only got a little pink. 

i was thinking, i wont put any block on me.. i need to get a little bit of sun, after all its not even hot its just warm. 

so last night i wanted to go to the hospital. its hurts SOOOO bad, and i fealt like i was gonna puke and i couldent stop shaking and shivering. i just never found someone to take me. 

so now this morning i wake up thirsty (been drinking from a water bottle all night) and as i move my skin feals like dry parchment. ... nasty. 

and guess what im developing ... 


these odd half moon shaped ones on each tit, along the burn line. and very odd wavey lines on my back. 

so i got a spray bottle and cleaned it out and put some water and tea tree oil in it and sprayed myself down. feals a bit better. i hope that can keep me from getting an infection.

how im i to sleep? front , back and each arm/ shoulder are raw. 

so far ive been doing it verry carefuly, not moving at all. im glad these couches are soft. 

Oh, and shawn hasent come home yet.. im pritty sure anyway because his puppy isint in its kennel. this is weird. i hope he is ok. ... 

im going to down some more water, spray some more goodness and try to go back to sleep. 

night .... er, morning. 

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Here is a few pictures of the inside of my new place ...  

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So i have a place now :)

Im about a 15 min walk from the 82ave max station. the apartments are nice, if old and small. the roomie seems cool. and is rarely here. there is a pool, and i cant wait to go swimming. my rent is 375 a month.

i miss having the kidos around all the time. hannah seems to be loving the fact that she dosent have aidan and alanna bugging her all the time.

im so glad we lived next door to ron and judy for as long as we did. i think that is why aidan and alanna are handeling things so well, the are in an extreemly familiar enviroment and they allready had a bedroom there.

i think i will take some pictures later on. :)

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So nobody has herd much from me the past few weeks, I've been staying in a womens shelter trying find a place of my own.

I've been to so many apointments, and I have another tomorrow. I was so dissapointed to learn that the HUD housing here is all full for the moment. im goint to get on the waiting list. and the woman at Community Action is looking into a few more avenues for me. if worse comes to worse there is a building with studios that I might be able to get into while I wait for a HUD apartment the only problem with that is the rent will be all of my income.

so that's what's up with me, im going to watch some BSG that I downloaded. awsom show.

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I think my neighbor might be dead there are 2 ambulances, a fire truck and 2 county police cars here right now. my neighbor mr.kyle is in one of the ambulances. they were doing chest compressions when they put him in. they don't seem in a hurry to leave and get him to the hospital..and one of the officers went to the house with a camera. im verry sad, kyle is a wonderfull person. :(
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Oregon Health plan has this thing going on for the next few days where you can have your name added to a list. then you MIGHT be able to apply for standard benifits (over 18, not pregnant).

they havent accepted new applications since 2004. im so glad i decided to check up on wether or not they were accepting new people. i have my name on the list and now im keeping my fingers crossed that they choose my name in the drawing.

here is the link, incase you or someone you know needs to get on the list. its only open for a few more days.


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SO ive wanted something diffrent than whats on my site now for a while, its pritty basic. so ive been messing around with this today. tell me what you think.

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515K 2:47
“Alannah: My dream was about.. pirates! And a parrot.. (something.) And then pirates found it. Then they put it in some cages. And then! Mommy cut it apart for us. And then I sat out. And then (a lot of phone going blank sorry.) And then we listened to pirates. Then we found them! Then we cut their heads off. Because there was plenty of us. And then we cutted the body apart and then we cooked eat them. And then we had to take the bones out. Then we got all of the bones out, and then we ate them! And then we squashed the eyeballs out. And then we squashed the blood out. And then we ate them! Can I tell you my dream!!!”

Transcribed by: karinablack
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ead sagcat
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 So it sucks, i think everyone forgot my birthday, aside from imediate family. im all bummed out and shit. up untill about an hour ago the highlight of my day was my nap, in wich i had a nice dream. juday and ron came over a little while ago to bring me a "cake" and sing me happy birthday. that helped alot especally since judy made me a fruit salad instead of a cake.  being mindfull of how im trying to eat healthy. its little things like that that show you that the person really cares for you.  .. i think why im still sad after judy coming over is that the people whome i consider to be my closest freinds havent said hi or anything. not even my bestfreind. 

So im fealing particularly "emo" right now, sue me.

* * *
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heres the ad description

Due to the demands and requirements of life, i must sell my smooth running and good looking 1980 VW bus.
This is a 7 passenger air cooled 4 cylinder and 4 speed VW bus with a fold down rear seat, ability to haul 1000 pounds, and a sturdy side sliding door....seats are very good, glass excellent, no dents or rust to speak of on this vehicle; runs on 4 excellent all season 6 ply radial mud/snow tires, has a very good spare tire and all tire tools, everything on it works, comes with an 8 year warranty heavy duty battery less than a year old, recently replaced alternator, and NEW Oregon license plates with DEQ tags good til September of 2009.
The bus starts right up and runs smoothly....it was my commuter to and from Salem. It gets better mileage than the water cooled VW vans you see around. NO issues with water leaks, no water hoses, no water pumps or radiators... Oh, it also comes with wrap around curtains mounted on rails and a locking gas cap, ...and This smooth runner does not leak even in heavy rain and does not rattle going down the highway.
I made an attempt to sell this bus earlier but i had to go away for a time... so now i shall again offer this smooth running 1980 bus for your approval. I must sell it soon. Thanks for looking... please email or better yet ring me with any questions...until 9pm.
I can deliver in the Portland area to a sincere and confirmed buyer. $1450 or best offer. 

we went, we saw, we drove, we love. :D

jeff is going to go to the bank in the morn and then go pay the guy and bring it home. i wish it was still camping season!
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 Aidans first day of school  is today :) 

i wish i could remeber where i hid the camera :(

* * *

So it looks as if we wont actually be buying a house anytime soon. not unless the loan is under Ron's name and we just pay the morgage.  eh 

credit sucks.

* * *
 Im gonna steal Her idea and post my favorite dog breeds, just for something to post about i guess.

In Alphabetical Order ...

1.) American Staffordshire Terrier 

2.) Border Collie

3.) Boxer

4.) Bull Mastif

5.) German Shepard

6.) Golden Retriever

7.) Great Dane

8.) Black/Yellow/Chocolate Lab

9.) Pharoh Hound

10.) Rhodesian Ridgeback

11.) Rottwiler

12.)  Siberian Husky

13.) Staffordshire Bull Terrier

You think that maybe i like big dogs ???
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so i know ive been lax in the LJ department. im gonna try and fix that, even if its mostly quizes and meme's. but even then those usually mean something to me.

so yeah, i have a new computer :D
dell insperon 17" widescreen
kick ass graphics card
other kick ass specs.

so now i can play on Second Life *weeeee*

* * *
So, weve been needing to buy a house for quite sometime now. and weve finally agreed, that while we cant afford a "real" house we can afford a manufactured home. weve picked a park that we like and we are either gonna buy one thats allready there and fits our needs or were gonna buy a brand new one and have it put in to one of the new lots.

the park, http://www.bigvalleywoods.com/bvw_directions.htm

one of the places for sale, http://www.equitygroup.com/lid=17842292&S=GB

my favorite floor plan, http://www.palmharbor.com/our-homes/floor-plans/sr-floor-plans/fp-20-nw-timberridge-N5V460T5/

so yeah, once upon a time jeff swore that he would never move into a park but i think things have changed.

* * *
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you are mediumauqamarine

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So anyone who pays attention to my blog knows that I have Rosacea

I woke up tonight after a "nap" with my lower left eyelid hurting. It is a Familiar pain; my dad always said it was a Sty. I remembered that there are ocular symptoms of Resaca as well so I decided to look them up.


Blepharitis is a common inflammatory condition of the eyelids characterized by itching, burning, foreign-body sensation and crusting of the eyelids, especially prominent in the mornings. Microscopic examination may show crusting of the eyelashes and red, thickened eyelid margins with dilated blood vessels. Many patients will also have meibomian (oil) gland dysfunction characterized by inspissation (thickening) of the oils and, perhaps, plugging of the glands. There may also be a seborrheic (dandruff) or infectious (usually "staph") component that contributes to the disorder. Blepharitis is more common in patients with rosacea.

Treatment of blepharitis is multifactorial and often required indefinitely, to minimize or alleviate symptoms. Most patients are instructed to scrub the eyelid margins (eyelashes) gently with cotton-tipped applicators (Q-tips) once or twice daily for a few weeks, then once every two to four days for long-term control. Many ophthalmologists believe that cleansing should be completed with tap water (on the Q-tip) only, although dilute baby shampoo has traditionally been recommended. Warm compresses to the eyelids, artificial tears, and antibiotic or antibiotic-steroid combination ointments are often recommended as well. If the meibomian glands are involved (i.e., plugging is present), then tetracycline antibiotics are often prescribed, perhaps for weeks or months at a time. Tetracyclines cannot be used in children under about 14 years of age, nursing or expectant mothers, or even women who might become pregnant due to the risk of damage to immature teeth and bones with this antibiotic.


I underlined the symptoms that I have/had. So im thinking that I have the beginnings of this. Did you read the treatment? Damn ... antibiotics are also used to treat the main symptoms of roseacia. The antibiotic makes the oils secreted in the skin to be less "viscous" there by reducing the frequency and severity of flare-ups.

I have a big thing against casually using antibiotics; I will only get a prescription as a last resort. But what is more important to me? My face and the health of my skin, or my desire to limit antibiotics? Sadly to say I think my face will win out.

ive never been incredibly vain and I know im by far not the most beautiful person in the world. But I happen to love the few blessings I have as far as appearances go. And the thought of loosing those is scary.

I am a very visual person, as horrible as it sounds I can be sexually attracted to someone if I can't find something appealing about there appearance. No matter how nice the person is ive never been able to get past an ugly face.


Rhinophyma was once thought to be caused by heavy alcohol consumption, but this is not the case. Rhinophyma occurs equally in those who do not drink at all and those who drink alcohol in quantity. It is seen almost exclusively in men over age 40.

The cause of rhinophyma is unknown, though it is generally regarded as a severe form of rosacea. It is a relatively rare disorder involving thickening of the skin on the nose and the presence of many oil glands. The nose talks on a bulb-like (bulbous) look. http://www.skinsite.com/info_rosacea.htm


So, I understand that with medical treatment I can avoid this, if you think im overreacting. Im not, I already have noticeably thickening skin on my cheeks.

It just sucks, ya know?

Maybe in a past life I was overly vain and lazy, so maybe this time around the roseacia and narcolepsy is my karma for that.
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so it seems that not many of my freinds actually read this. post a comment if you care wether or not i stay.

cuz im seriousley thinkin about just keeping to myspace for blogging.

* * *
i saw the results for this and promptly turned into a limp tara. i told jeff it was so funny because when i was a kid my aunt barbra would take me to the fair and i would spend most of my time in the livestock tents, inciting a riot among the goats with my goat voice. i did it for jeff and you all should have seen the look on his face "no wonder" he says.

hehe *snort* im easealy amused

Steve and Kathy are Proud to Announce the Birth of their Child, Tara , on September 19, 1982.
Unfortunately, Tara is the reincarnation of a goat.
Steve and Kathy are visiting an exorcist soon.
What Did Your Birth Announcement Say? at QuizGalaxy.com

* * *
* * *
and it turns out he isint, well to me he is but there is a name for his markings.

he is called a (Seal) Lynx Point Siamese if you click on this link and scroll down a bit untill you see the picture titled as such you will see what i mean. that cat looks JUST like kinkers. pale blue eyes and all. its the 4th picture down.


* * *
im getting ready to Rug Doctor the carpets. what they really need is a professional cleaning, but this will help untill we have the money for that. 

so much fun : /

* * *
"Reply to this post telling me how fabulous my song selections are, and I'll give you a letter of your own! The challenge isn't so much in finding 10 songs starting with your letter- any asshole can do THAT.

The challenge is in finding 10 GOOD songs starting with your letter."

KarinaBlack gave me the letter T 

1). Take a Picture - Filter 

2). Tears Dont Fall - Bullet for my Valentine ( im liking this song verry much right now) 

3). Torn - Natalie Imbruglia

4). Thankyou - Dido

5). The Bad Touch - Bloodhound Gang

6). Thetawaves - System Of A Down 

7). Toxicity - System Error running style: S2TIMEOUT: Timeout: 4, URL: tizznara.livejournal.com/ at /home/lj/src/s2/S2.pm line 531.